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Wedding String QuartetThe Cocktail Hour or Interlude is the section of time that occurs directly after the wedding ceremony and before the wedding reception.

It’s a time that serves as a division between the solemnity of the ceremony and the celebration yet to come. And it’s a good way for you to help your guests build up a sense of anticipation.

If you’ve planned a theme for the room where the reception is being held, then gathering in the cocktail area gives the chance to introduce your themed reception area with a flourish.

This also provides the wedding party with time for posed photographs or a time to freshen up.

The Interlude correctly lasts for most of an hour, and then the wedding party makes its entrance.

Whilst waiting for this entrance, guests can mingle and have some light snacks-hot or cold hors d’oeuvres plus some beverages.

Some Easy Listening music will set the mood so that guests can relax or chill out, with a chance to chat with friends and be entertained before they are invited into the reception.

Easy Listening songs are most appropriate, including soft jazz, light pop, or love songs. But you can use an alternative-a medley of meaningful songs put together by the bride and groom.

You can also decide whether to have the reception DJ introduce your music, or you can hire live musicians such as a string quartet.

Other ideas for musicians can be instrument specific such as a flute or classical guitar player, groovy acoustic jazz trio or one of your guests may even be musically talented and will be happy to entertain your guests for the interlude.

Either way, you are giving your guests something interesting yet not non-intrusive to listen to during this “waiting time” whilst the bride, groom, bridal party, and parents go off to get their photos taken.

Many of your guests who haven’t seen one another for quite a while will catch up on each others lives at this time.

It’s best to maintain the background music at a quiet and relaxing volume so the guests can chat and socialise with ease.

Goldbass can help you & your guests truly relax with carefully chosen cocktail hour wedding music selections.

Our in-depth music knowledge covers Jazz, Acoustic guitars classics, soft rock, Motown, blues, country (just a lil bit), chill out / cafe del mar electronic selections and contemporary pop & JJJ styles. Find out more about our wedding ceremony music & wedding DJ hire services.

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