DJs in Perth, Western Australia

DJs in Perth can be unique and incredibly skilled at what they do, however, you may need to research well to ensure that you book the best DJ for your budget and needs.

Having top quality entertainment and music at a party or event can make all of the difference.

You will be amazed at how many people fail to get this element right.

If you book the wrong DJ, your night can end up being a disaster, which is horrible for you, the guests and a waste of money.

Therefore, taking your time, and researching all of the different DJs on offer will ensure that you make the right decision.

There are several different elements which you need to consider before booking any DJ.

You want to ensure that the DJ you are consider booking, are capable of entertaining your guests to a high standard. Far too many people set up a DJ business, without understanding what is required of them at the event.

Being a quality DJ is far more than simply turning up and putting some music on for people to listen too. You need someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and entertaining.

Top quality DJ’s will be able to offer you real references and testimonials from happy clients. In rare circumstances, you may also be able to attend an event that they are working.

This will allow you to see them at work, and get an idea of how they are with people. You will need to think about what you require from the DJ’s that Perth offers.

Honestly though, the best way to find a great DJ is through word of mouth.

A friend who has hired a DJ or attended an event that the DJ played at.

Venue recommendations are not always the best, although they can be worth considering as they want the reputation of their venue to remembered for the best reasons.

Some DJs will offer different services, and others will simply play music; therefore, this has to be decided early on.

Discussing every element with the DJ is essential, and will guarantee that there are no misunderstandings at the event.  You need to ensure that all of the details are in writing and that both you and the DJ have a copy. A contract is a must with any entertainment hire.

These details will include, the date, number of guests, style of event, venue, times, and of course the price.  You may have a limited budget for entertainment for your event; however, this is an area where you should spend more.

Cheap and inexperienced DJs are not the ones that you want to be involved with your event – especially if you care what your guests think.

They will typically have a limited knowledge of music, not a massive amount of equipment, and are likely to let you down.

You could be better hiring a Jukebox.

Every part of the event and party needs to be perfect, to ensure that you and your guests have an incredible time.

There are legal requirements, which your DJ should have, and you are entitled to ask for these at any time.

This includes a valid PPCA mobile DJ license for Australia weddings and depending on the format of music they carry, extra APRA licensing may be required.

DJs in Perth should have the appropriate licenses to entertain and insurance policies to cover accidents and injury.

Public liability insurance is a must. This insurance would cover the DJs performance and protect your guests. (such as light / speaker stands falling on one of your guests). Your venue should have their public liability insurance to cover everything else.

Taking the time to find the right DJ for your event will ensure that you have a fantastic event, and can relax and have fun.

You do not want to be worried about the entertainment at your event, and booking the right DJ offers will provide you with peace of mind.

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