Why Fremantle Is a Great Place to Get Married!

What would you like to know about Fremantle? It’s a small city with a huge heart, perched right alongside Perth on the coast of south-western Western Australia.

Whether you live in Fremantle or you’re coming from a neighbouring area, there are a real variety of places to choose from that will give your wedding that creative spark you’re looking for.

Consider these options:

South Beach Wedding

Fremantle has a huge expanse of clean, white sand bordering the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean—what better place to celebrate a wedding?

Start out by looking for something old and something new, as the website says for the lovely Esplanade Hotel. It’s only twenty minutes from Perth and a short jaunt from Fremantle proper, offering all the conveniences and services that you’ll want to engage for a wedding set against the backdrop of the magnificent ocean.

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle – Photo by Niklas on Flickr

Say your vows along the magnificent terraced verandas.  Take your guests inside to celebrate, choosing from the Southern Cross Gala Ballroom, the Indian Ocean Suite, the Island Suite, or other centres of festivity at this location. Whether you’re inviting 50 people or 500, the Esplanade has the right rooms for your wedding.

Your guests can start their dinner with something cold like rare, tender roast beef with mustard seed and red onion relish, or a warm appetizer such as herb-crusted fish goujon.

Whether you choose a marinated Mediterranean antipasto for the main course or an aromatic lamb filet is up to you. Finish with a simple dessert such as Pavlova delight, or let your guests roam the length of a dessert buffet.

Whether you choose the Esplanade or one of the other beachfront venues, your guests will enjoy staying the night after your reception and basking in sunshine along the beach the next day.

Visit the Rydges Esplanade Hotel Website for more details.

Kidogo Art Institute

Why not bring your guests to a place that’s been around for more than a hundred years, a place that combines historical elegance with today’s artistic chic?

Kidogo Art House

Dog Sculpture – Kidogo Arthouse in Fremantle

The Kidogo Arthouse is made from limestone, and you’ll marvel at the majestic dark-floored interiors with the amazing beamed ceilings. You’ll be just a couple metres from the water’s edge, so you can say your vows there and then adjourn to one of the galleries—the large one seats 120 guests—for an afternoon or evening set amidst the art of this gallery.

Front of Kidogo Arthouse in Fremantle

Front of Kidogo Arthouse in Fremantle

You’ll rent Kidogo’s facilities and equipment and bring in your own caterer, wedding disc jockey, florist, and so forth. Kidogo does not sell liquor but you are permitted to bring it for your guests’ pleasure.

Visit the Kidogo Arthouse website for more details

Fremantle Prison

Okay, enough with the jokes about getting married means you’re a prisoner for life—how about setting your wedding amidst the pomp and circumstance of the historic Fremantle Prison? Western Australia’s only entry on the World Heritage List, it offers all manner of culture and convenience to make your day most memorable.

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison Weddings

Begin your wedding with the ceremony itself, set in either the Anglican Chapel or the Catholic Chapel, both of them beautiful, with the Anglican seating 100, twice as many as the Catholic Chapel.

Next take your guests to the Commissariat for pre-dinner cocktails, where they can mingle and relax whilst the two of you slip away for some photo opportunities. Then the reception celebrating your special day begins, with set-up variations in the Main Cell Block accommodating from 30 to 400 of your guests.

Here you can hire a caterer to bring in food, or you can choose something from the menu of the Convict Café. How does mini-bruschetta sound, topped with feta and drizzled with balsamic?

Your guests will be able to choose from Asian-spiced chicken skewers or Paprika beef skewers, slow-roasted mini cherry tomato tartlets, gourmet smoked salmon sandwiches, spinach and ricotta cakes, and more.

For liquor, the Fremantle Prison is another place that will not sell it but will let you bring in your own.

For a real twist, consider renting the Crown Theatre for your wedding—you can stage your vows right on the same planks where convicts performed over a hundred years ago, the stars of your own production!

The Crown Theatre is rented out on certain days, and your disc jockey can set up on stage once your ceremony is over, with the guests dancing the evening away.

Visit the Fremantle Prison Website for more details.

No Matter Where You Choose…

Fremantle is a great place to get married because it’s convenient for your out-of-town travellers, and the people who will be providing services for your day of celebration all care enough to ensure that everything runs smoothly to create the memories you’re hoping for.

Check with your venue coordinator if you need advice hiring a photographer, florist, lighting expert, or other vendors and keep up in mind for your wedding DJ entertainment.

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