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Hello to everyone who’s here today to share this special day with [Petunia] and me. I can’t tell you what it means to have with us everyone who witnessed our vows, and everyone who’s celebrating with us, and I have a few people I’d like to mention specially.


First, I’d like to thank my best man, [Jas], who has always been the best man in this room or any room, as far as I’m concerned. We go back to [high school, college, the days we met working at the same company] and he’s the real deal. Thanks, my friend [buddy, pal] for the wonderful speech you’ve just given us, for everything you did to help me, and for standing beside me on this most important day of my life.

Next I want to thank [Petunia]’s father, [Aloysius], for his part in making this such a perfect celebration. Besides that, [Aloysius], you’ve done me the honor and privilege of welcoming me into your family, and I will always do my best to deserve your respect. I will try for my whole life to give your daughter everything she wants or needs and to be the husband she deserves.

And thanks to you, too, Mum and Dad [Mum and Barry, and Dad and Rose], for helping me become the man I am and also for your help in making this a wonderful day.

I also have to thank my groomsmen, [Tom, Dick, and Harry], for being my friends all these years and helping to get me to the [ceremony, altar, preacher] today. You guys [fellows, friends] definitely helped make this a real party today.

Almost last, but definitely not least, my thanks go out to Grandpa, who always showed me by example how to know the right choices and then have the guts to stand up and make them.

So how does a man recognise when it’s time to get married? My dad always said I would know when I found the right woman. [If parents or grandparents met in an amusing way you can insert anecdote here]. I knew I was in love with [Petunia] when [she won an argument over how to fix the car, I realized she could spell better than me, she knew instinctively just what all my favourite things were-records, movies, books].


You know you’ve met that right woman because you start thinking about all the things you really want to do with your life. You start thinking about the kind of house you’ll buy, whether you want to get a dog or a cat, and you know some day there will be kids on the horizon. I really don’t know exactly where the years ahead will take us, but I know I want a home, a family, and [Petunia] here beside me.

Because when the wedding celebration is over today-and the honeymoon is over next week-I know that [Petunia] and I will be celebrating together the family values that we share, the love of our two families, being a part of our community, and deciding what path our future will take.

(For religious beliefs) – We both share the same commitment to God and to our faith, and we know that it will see us through any bad times that we have along with the good times.

[Petunia], I want to thank you for marrying me today. But I want to thank you for doing much more than that, because I feel that only now can my real life begin. I want you to know that when you breathe, I will breathe. When you are happy, my heart will be glad. When you cry, my soul will ache. You make me want to be a better person. I promise you, [Petunia], that my true love for you will last beyond what we could have ever imagined. And so I hope everyone will join me as I toast [Petunia], who is the light of my life, whom I will love forever. [Toast]


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