Looking For Some Great Wedding Entertainment Ideas?

You want your wedding to be the event you always dreamed it would be…and part of that wish is to guarantee a wonderful time for your guests. You want them to go home with fond memories of the two of you, but you also want your wedding to be the one that everyone keeps talking about ages after it’s over.

We have some wonderful wedding entertainment ideas; let your personal style and your preferred level of sophistication help you to decide on the best entertainment idea.

For Game Lovers

Is there a large group of people among your family and friends who love to play trivia games?

Think up at least 20 questions about yourselves to test your guests. Where did you go on your first date? Do the two of you have a special song? How and when did the proposal take place?

Have the questions ready ahead of time, with the answers written down to avoid arguments. Let your wedding DJ be the emcee for this game; he’ll probably be able to add some fun music or sound effects as questions are asked and answered.

You’ve got to have prizes, but let them depend on your budget. You can go to a dollar store and choose an assortment of novelties; even the local bath store will have small sizes of hand lotion and liquid soaps for just a couple bucks each.

You can also give one big prize to the person who answers the most questions. Or you can get five-dollar gift cards to your favourite big-mart store and hand one out to everybody who gets an answer correct.

Music For the Decades

If your relatives’ ages are spread out to include the very young and the very old, work with your DJ to put together a montage of songs from each decade.

Choose three songs each from the forties, fifties, sixties, and so on.

Give your wedding DJ the names of friends or relatives from each decade and have them spotlighted when the songs they know are playing. You can even award a prize for the best dancers of each decade.

Have a Photo Booth

People love to go into photo booths, especially when they’re dressed up as they are for a wedding.  A two-hour booth will add at least $500 to the cost of your wedding, and prices can go up higher if you have it set up longer.

Prices will include an attendant, unlimited turns for your guests, and photo strips for them. They can even get free DVDs of their poses, or you can arrange at little or no extra cost for an online gallery available for viewing a couple months after your wedding. Check Amazon for baskets of photo gallery props for your guests to use, for extra fun.

Hire Live Strolling Musicians

For most of your reception, it’s better to have a DJ spinning the tunes, because he can play unlimited song genres to suit your guests. However, hire a duo or trio of musicians to break things up over the course of the evening. They can play while you are receiving your guests, during the dinner hour, to give your DJ a break, or in the middle of the reception, especially if they are going to highlight some of your special songs.

If you have a musician in the family, it might be nice for the musician to play a few bars with the professionals, as long as it’s rehearsed ahead of time.

This works nicely if you want to use the musicians to play your bridal dance or your bride/father and groom/mother songs. However, do not make the mistake of asking your family member to play an entire song.

Specify that it will only be for a few bars. That way there is less pressure on the musician, and if he or she bombs, it won’t be a big deal.

Hire a Caricature Artist

What a fun way to add great entertainment to your wedding! Expect this type of artist to add anywhere from $400 to $2,000 to your wedding budget, depending upon where you live and what type of package you purchase.

Wedding Caricature Artist

Photo by Chris Schreoder

You’ll be amazed to hear all the ideas these artists will suggest for you. For basic caricatures of your guests, have him draw simply in black on white paper to get the most done in the shortest time.

He can also produce drawings of groups of people, either multiple family members at once or drawings of the events as they unfold at your wedding. Some of these artists will stroll among your tables and work. Others offer fun demonstrations in origami or other paper art.

Second Think Wedding Party Performances

It’s not a good idea to have the bridesmaids or groomsmen perform a dance or sing at the wedding unless they are really committed to rehearsing at least a dozen times prior to the event. Otherwise, there’s too much opportunity for the entertainment to look uncoordinated and embarrass the less-gifted members of your troupe.

Otherwise, don’t be afraid to try something that’s a little out of your comfort zone—that way your guests will have some great wedding entertainment that nobody could have predicted!

Have you seen or be having an awesome entertainment idea you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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