Perth Wedding Ceremony Venues

How do you choose the best wedding ceremony venue in Perth that’s right for you?

A venue that caters for your style of wedding?

It can take a while to sift through all of the venues and different locations, to help ease your mind that you are finding the right venue for your wedding ceremony we have listed some important things to keep in mind.

Perth City

Whether you choose a venue with ocean views or on the beach, a magical swan valley venue in one of the wineries or in the hills or national park.

Considering also north of the swan river, south of the swan river or further down south at Margret River and many other locations.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Venue

You can consider all varieties of venues for your ceremony from churches, registry office, botanical gardens, beaches, parklands, caves, boat/yacht clubs, wineries or even your own backyard.

Consider the time of year you are planning on having your ceremony, the date and season may narrow down some of your options, look at weather conditions, seasonal venues and early bookings may be essential with popular spots filling up the dates in the summer months.

Time of the day/night you are planning for your wedding ceremony is also important to get organised, considering sunrise, sunset, tides (for beach locations) and most importantly for the best lighting for your wedding photos.

Ceremony & Reception at the same venue?

With your ceremony and the reception, do you want them both held at the same venue or at different places?

Consider travelling times and arrangements and allowing enough time for you and your guests to arrive and have an enjoyable day. Try not to be more than 20 minutes away from ceremony to reception if you opt to have them at different locations.

Choosing a venue for both can make things a lot easier, as people can enjoy a wine or two and don’t have the loss of time in traveling.

Your guests, how many people will be attending and will the chosen venue be able to accommodate that amount of people comfortably.

Transport, at what distance will you and your guests be travelling to arrive at the ceremony venue, do you need to hire extra cars, buses for transport or extra accommodation to stay near the ceremony venue.

Do your research of your venues before deciding on one, do a walk through on the grounds, gardens and dining/ballrooms.

Take photos to document the way the areas look and for ideas of which may be more suitable over other venues.

Consider where you will be saying your vows, having your first dance and cutting your cake.

Photos are also a very important part of your wedding day, choosing a venue that has surrounding gardens is great as you only have to stroll down and take the photos you want, if considering you want photos at a different location, consider time and transport.

Get a quote from each venue to compare notes with other venues ask as many questions as you may have

e.g.  How many quests they can accommodate, do they also cater for receptions?

Always ask for a written contract to ensure everything you have discussed is in writing and finalised.

Wishing you easy wedding planning and please keep us in mind for your DJ entertainment

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