Phones, iPads and Point and Shoot Cameras at Weddings

Here are some great tips for phone, ipad and point and shoot photo taking etiquette during the wedding ceremony.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and try and get that good shot. But with an ipad that could potentially ruin a professional photographer or videographers shot?

Cameras at weddings are essential but need to be done right obviously by the photographer, but also the guests attending.

Just keep in mind the couple may have already hired a professional photographer along with videographer who are capturing it all anyway.

Check out this video for a few insights…

Cameras at Wedding Ceremonies

Don’t be that guy video is courtesy of Fox 40 News in the United States of America.

Couple at wedding ceremony with guests using their cameras at wedding ceremony.

As a wedding guest, the most important thing you can do if you would like to take photos is read your invites to see if that’s what the couple wants and even confirm with the bride and groom.

Point and shoot cameras at weddings along with ipads and iphones are great at wedding ceremonies if they are allowed and you use them with respect.

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