Selecting the Right Mobile DJ in Perth

Whether you are hosting a birthday party, wedding reception or leaving party, you will need some form of music.


Many venues do not have on site DJ’s that you can use, which will leave you with the issue of finding one yourself.

The prospect of finding a mobile DJ may seem daunting; however, there are many to choose.

You will want to find a easy to deal with mobile DJ in Perth that has a fantastic knowledge of music, with their own equipment and transport. The ability to be able to entertain people is also an advantage.

Also that the company understands what is expected of them during the event.

Parties will often have a wide spectrum of musical tastes; therefore, you want to ensure that you find a mobile DJ in Perth that can adapt easily to their audience.

Having a passion for music is often a massive advantage. If the DJ enjoys what they are doing, this will come across to the people in your party. Many people choose their DJ from recommendations, and although this can be successful most of the time you may want to consider at other resources.

Many DJ’s will have no formal training, and their love of music will inspire them to entertain through pre-recorded music.

You want to ensure that the DJ you choose has a vast array of music, and that their musical collection is not limited. Entertaining your guests will be part of the package, and being able to motivate everyone is a talent the DJ will need – and this is usually only gained through experience.

Alongside playing music, they will also need to operate lighting systems.

DJ Equipment

As technology has improved the amount of equipment, which your DJ will need will be far less; however, there are vital pieces that your DJ of choice will require.

You should ensure that the DJ you want to book is experienced and capable of providing the service you require.

Many people find it is useful to attend a venue where the DJ is playing, to see for yourself what they are like whilst doing their job. This is not possible for weddings though.

Price is always a factor when searching for the DJ for your event, however, cheap does not always mean you will be happy with the choice.

These days anyone can use their iPhone plugged into a budget mixer and speakers… which is not what a professional DJ uses.

Paying slightly more for an experienced mobile DJ, will ensure that every one of your guests leaves happy.

Once you have agreed everything, you must get the quote in writing, to ensure that you both know what is expected of you.

If your event is a certain style of an event such as a wedding, you may want to choose a DJ that specializes in these events. A wedding DJ will have the experience of playing at different weddings, and understand how unique these events are. Regardless of who you choose to play at your event, you should ensure that you have researched your DJ choice.

Speaking with people who have seen the DJ in action is the sure way to choose, as this will help to make your event a success.

You can find out more about mobile DJ services for private functions, corporate events & weddings.

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