The Wedding Cake Cutting

What do people remember at a wedding?  Well, upwards of 80% of them remember the music. But they also will remember the food and the cake.

No matter whether you’ve spent a huge amount or just a small part of your budget on the cake, people love to watch the newlyweds cut it.

Proper etiquette dictates cutting the cake just after the cocktail hour.

The DJ or MC can invite guests to gather round with their cameras.  But some people like to do this when the dinner plates have been cleared.

The cake cutting is a tradition that dates back centuries. In Roman times, the groom broke bread over the head of his new wife to ensure her fertility.

Nowadays, the groom and his bride cut the cake together to show that they plan for a lifetime of loving cooperation.

Will the two of you perform this tradition with grace and smiles? Or will one or both of you end up with cake smeared on the face?

Only time-and the cake cutting-will tell!

At any rate, this is another opportunity to choose one of your favourite cake cutting songs.

A song at slow tempo, full of romance, works well for this part of the reception. And there are songs with references to sweetness and sugar that fit this tradition very well!

If you cut the cake immediately after the cocktail hour, then the first dance directly following makes a smooth transition along the wedding timeline.

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