The Wedding First Dance

The first dance is customarily the most important song played at the wedding reception.

The bride and groom are stepping onto the dance floor for the first time as a married couple in the presence of usually many witnesses.

And no one else can dance until the new husband and his wife take the floor.

Tradition always held that the first dance was referred to as the bridal waltz.

Wedding First Dance

But as modern music has gained huge inroads in popularity, the couple can choose any music that’s meaningful to them.  So feel assured that you can dance in whatever style is comfortable.

Perhaps you’d enjoy maintaining the old tradition.  If you’d like to dance a waltz but you don’t know how, you can call a local dance studio for a few quick lessons.

Those who are a little skilful on the dance floor can look at how-to videos on bridal waltzes.

Whether you plan to waltz or just float along in one another’s arms, be certain to hear the version of the song that will be used for your dance.

Ask your DJ or entertainer for a recording so that you know what to expect.

If you request a song their version may sound a lot different to the original if it’s a cover.

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