Tips for Hiring a DJ

All right—you’ve decided on hiring a dj (disc jockey) to keep things rockin’ at your wedding. Now all you need are some tips to choose the one best suited for your style of event! Read on for DJ hiring musts…

 Movin & Groovin Dance Floor

1. Locating a DJ

First you’ve got to locate a disc jockey. This is easiest if you’ve been to a wedding or a corporate event recently where you were impressed by someone spinning tunes.

If you use the yellow pages, internet, or even a booking agent, be certain you view lengthy footage of the DJ in action before you hire him.

You might interview several before you make a choice.

2. Contract for Peace of Mind

When you find the right DJ, execute a contract.

Too many couples have ended up in front of Judge Judy with wedding disputes! The contract should specify exactly who will perform at your event.

Some DJs are part of a company, and the owner or booker schedules the entertainers according to logistics. Have it spelled out in the contract that you will get the DJ whom you interviewed and auditioned.

3. Other Things in the Contract

There are other things you should have indicated in the contract, as well.

You must specify the date, the starting time, the ending time, and an agreement on breaks. Specify his duties as MC (emcee). What do you want him to wear?

What if you want him to play overtime? What is the total cost; what is the deposit; can you pay by check? What about the cancellation policy?

Ask about any extras he might have such as lighting equipment and whether he’ll have an assistant. Do you supply his meal at the reception? Your DJ does have to eat, but you can arrange with your vendor for something separate for your DJ, photographer, etc.

4. The DJ’s Competence

Before you and the DJ sign the contract, ask him questions so that you’ll feel confident about his competence.

What type of equipment does he have? Most likely you’re not familiar with brand name speakers, amps, turntables, mixers, headphones, and the like.

But ask him.

If he says, “Yeah, I have my stuff,” keep looking for another DJ. If on the other hand he speaks knowledgeably about his profession and he seems assured and proud of what he has, that’s a good indication that you’re working with someone who fits the bill.

5. Music for all Taste buds

Make certain the DJ has a large collection, with different kinds of music—so that people can request the songs that get them jumpin’.

Make sure he’ll accept requests. Give him a playlist ahead of time of the songs you want to hear during the reception and ask him if he can get them.

It’s also fun to have request slips available so that people can submit requests. Ask the DJ how he’ll handle different situations. No one expects a scene at the wedding, but ask him what he can do to smooth things over if someone gets into an argument or has too much alcohol.

6. Master of Ceremonies

Go over every name he will need to say during the reception—your names, your parents’ names, your attendants’, and anyone else you might be honoring.

Also, give him the songs you’ve chosen for the bridal waltz and other high points of the reception.

Also, let him know whether or not he can play songs like Love Shack, Grease Megamix, The Macarena & even Gangnam Style — many of today’s couples are tired of these “cheesy” classics, even though they still bring lots of relatives flocking to the floor.

7. Insurance is a Must

Ask your DJ if he has insurance. He is functioning as a subcontractor, and mishaps with his equipment are not covered by the venue’s insurance.

If you know you’ve hired a professional who is covered in the event of catastrophe, you can rest assured that he is capably committed to making your wedding a success.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your DJ, and you both understand what’s spelled out in the contract.

Choosing a disc jockey puts flexibility into your wedding budget, and the right one adds pizazz to your reception.

Wishing you easy planning and a great celebration,

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