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Using a Projector on Your Wedding Day

As your wedding day approaches, you will want to showcase your journey toward marriage in ways that are uniquely expressive of your individuality.

Why not rent a projector as part of your wedding entertainment package? It’s possible to hire a projector through Goldbass DJ Entertainment.

Just what will you do with a projector at your wedding?

A Wonderful Opportunity to Unite Your Guests

Wedding ProjectorYour family and friends will be gathering together because they know and love the two of you.

Let’s correct that: Many of your guests actually know just one of you. As you make every effort to unite both sides of your family and friends, it’s true that most of them have never met the person you’ve chosen as your mate.

All of them, however, want to share in the stories about how the two of you came to be a couple.

Besides updating both sides of your families and friends, using a projector at your wedding provides a visual display that will give guests ample opportunity to converse with one another. It’s a remarkable way to break the ice and warm up the camaraderie you’ve been hoping to achieve.

Sometimes the relatives that live farther away feel left out of the festivities. Maybe your Aunt Jeanne lives right in town, but Aunt Joanne lives several days’ journey away. A visual presentation lets you bring everybody up to date. All of the closest family members and friends will feel as if they are on an equal footing.

Planning Your Presentations

You can display one presentation at the moment that seems most appropriate or you can create several projector presentations throughout your day and put a unique stamp on each of them.  Many projectors work with multiple software formats and allow for various video input options. Maybe at one point you’d like to display a slide-show-type montage of your favorite photographs.  At another interval during the day’s events it might be appropriate to play a short video.

What would you show? Consider these options:

  • If the two of you share the same devotion to your cultural background or religious beliefs, you can create a montage of the two of you celebrating various landmark moments. Has your future spouse just joined your religion? Did you have an ethnic family celebration at the time of your engagement?
  • What about special family moments? Many couples go into marriage with a child already born to them. How about a photo montage celebrating your child’s birth and growth? Or maybe you’d just like to show your guests some fun family photos from family holiday celebrations that have taken place during your engagement.
  • A memorial montage would be appropriate if one of you has lost a dear relative within the last few months. It’s true that person cannot be there with you on your wedding day, but it’s a beautiful way to honor their memory with a visual salute to that person’s influence on your life.
  • The special moments that the two of you have shared will also make a wonderful show for your guests. If you have photos from your first date, your engagement, the bridal shower, and other events leading up to the big day, whether they are funny or poignant, they can all be written onto a disk and played for your guests.
  • Nothing more complicated than a simple slide show of your engagement photos works well for a wedding day projector idea.

When Will You Show Your Presentation?

Bride and Groom Watching VideoYou can make one presentation to be shown during your reception, or you can create multiple displays to show throughout the day.

  • Many couples arrange for soft music to play at the church or locale where the wedding will take place. You can include your initial presentation at this time, especially if you do one that’s based on your shared religious culture.
  • If you have an interval between the actual wedding ceremony and the reception while you are freshening up or having photography done, consider utilizing a projector display to entertain guests.
  • At the reception, you can have your presentation play as the guests arrive or you can arrange for it to begin during dinner, just before the toasts begin.

You will also need to select music that will play during the visual display. Your DJ can definitely help you with those choices. You might want to begin with a song that celebrates your childhood. For a memorial presentation, play songs that the deceased person loved.

When you show photos of the two of you going through your courtship, play the special songs that you both love. The music can change as the projector presentation progresses.

Whatever other ideas you come up with are fine—there is no right or wrong way to use a projector on your wedding day!

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