Flowers for anniversary dance

What is the Wedding Anniversary Dance?

During the dancing part of wedding receptions and about an hour after the dance floor has been moovin’ and groovin’, change it up a bit with another special song for “The Anniversary Dance”

Flowers for anniversary dance

This will be a tribute to the longest-married couple at the wedding reception.

It’s great to recognise their length of marriage, and with the guests being invited back onto the floor halfway through the song it’s an opportunity for another romantic, slow dance floor song.

Way to Introduce the Anniversary Dance

If there are quite a few older married couples at the wedding reception, an effective and beautiful technique is for the DJ to ask all married couples to the dance floor then gradually year by year ask couples are asked to leave the dance floor leaving the longest married left.

The bride and groom can then give a special gift to the longest married couple in front of all the guests attending the reception.

Secret Wedding Songs has some classic anniversary dance song ideas for older couples

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