Wedding Catering in Perth

Wedding Catering in Perth

The food and drink you serve at your wedding will cost roughly one-third to almost half of your entire wedding budget!

For that reason you want to make certain that you choose a firm that will fulfill all your expectations and make your wedding an enjoyable occasion for your guests.

Wedding Catering in Perth

When you are reviewing Perth wedding catering options, be certain to ask if the firm is a Gold License Caterer; this will assure you a certain level of expertise and guarantee excellent standards of food safety.

But let’s talk first about caterer basics. First, you must ask the the salesperson at the venue for your wedding reception if you can bring in any caterer you like or if you are limited to a list that they prefer. If they ask you to choose from their list, don’t think of it as depriving you of choice.

Their recommended caterers have provided satisfactory previously in order to earn a spot on the list, and they are also familiar with any quirks of the venue that might not be obvious to the casual observer.

Talk with prospective caterers about whether you’d like to have dinner served at table to your guests, or do you prefer buffet-style dining?

There are pros and cons of each. Many people assume that buffet style is less expensive, but that’s not always the case.

It is true that you pay for more waiters with table service. However, buffet style typically involves a wider selection of food.

It also entails larger quantities of food as your guests are not limited to what’s on the plate put before them. It might also be necessary to rent additional equipment.

Ask these questions when you interview caterers:

  • Will your caterer cook at the venue, or bring everything prepared in advance to your reception?
  • If they are providing the alcohol, will they buy back anything not consumed?
  • Do they provide all accessories, or must you rent some?
  • Will they serve the wedding cake to your guests? Will they package up slices to-go?
  • Will they charge extra for pouring beverages?
  • Do you get free meals per every lot ordered?
  • Can you attend a menu tasting ahead of time?
  • If there is food left over, how is it cleaned up, and who takes it?
  • Does the price include all staff plus gratuities?
  • What equipment must you rent?

As you make your plans, just remember that you can incorporate whatever style you want into your reception. Some people opt for a smorgasbord of appetizers rather than a full meal. Others who wed in the morning invite their guests for a brunch, with or without champagne.

Or perhaps there are cooks in your family who feel confident preparing side dishes, and from the caterer you order only the entrée plus his services.

This is the largest party the two of you will ever throw, so make sure you imprint it with your personal style!

Several Perth wedding caterers boast the Gold License warranty.

This is the time to visit caterers, collect brochures, and arrange tastings. Most importantly, talk to your friends who have hosted catered events.

If you’ve been to a wedding, holiday party, or other event where the food and service impressed you, give your host a call and ask who they hired. It’s your money; spend it wisely.

Wishing you easy planning and a great wedding day,

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