Wedding Dance Lessons in Perth

You have chosen your wedding date, venue is organised and plans are coming together for the reception, saying of your vows, your cake cutting and your first dance!

Wedding Dance

Dance, you might not have danced in a formal way since your high school ball, what are you going to do so you don’t look like you have two left feet?

What about you and your partner learn some dance moves, a little waltz maybe, so you both feel comfortable together on the dance floor and enjoy your first dance as husband and wife.

Dance Studios

There are a huge variety of dance studios around Perth that offer adult dance lessons, whether you want to update your dance skills you already have or learn the bridal waltz for your special day.

It’s also a great idea to take along your bridal party members so they can get a little practice in and maybe even the parents of the bride and groom, it’s a fun and active way to get to know each other better.

Traditionally the bridal waltz is done at the reception, when the newly married couple dance together for the first time after saying “I do”, after having some time alone on the dance floor, the parents of the couple are invited to join them on the floor, followed by the bridal party.

The music that has been selected is also important, it should be something that you both relate to and will enjoy. Maybe a song when you first met or a song you have special memories of.

When choosing your venue discuss dance floor options, if they have an inbuilt floor or does one need to be hired. Check the size also that it will accommodate the amount of guests that you will be having.

Now onto the dancing,

Here a few quick dance steps to get you started:

The waltz is a very elegant partner dance; it can be performed very casually or is danced in competition ballroom.

You can adapt it to your own style once you learn the basics.

The waltz travels around the outer side of the dance floor in a counter clockwise direction,

Learning how to hold your partner is important to start with before you worry about what your feet are doing.

You dance the waltz in a closed position, the leading partner, (traditionally the male), start facing your partner, and try to be about six inches away from each other.

Keep your head up and shoulders relaxed.

For leading partner, place right hand slightly under partners left shoulder blade and take your partners right hand in your left hand, keeping them raised at eye level, hands clasped.

For the non leading partner, for your left hand place it on your partners right shoulder with fingers out and your thumb on the inside of your partners body.

Try to keep some resistance between your arms, if they are too lose it will be harder for you both to turn.

Choose a Song that Feels Right

Start with a slow waltz, slow music to begin with. You’ll find plenty of Bridal Waltz Songs here.

The music has a 1, 2, 3 beat (three beats per measure), so move your feet with the three movements to the music.

The steps with your feet are in a box formation, With the Male leading and the female follows.

Think of the steps as a one big step and then two small steps, keeping in the back of your mind the 1, 2, 3…

Start by (for females, male do opposite) stepping back with right foot, then following box movement step with left foot diagonally back across the box.

Then moving your right foot next to your left foot.

Stepping forward with left foot, following box movement, step diagonally across box with right foot, bringing left foot to right foot.

Repeat the box movement and enjoy your bridal waltz first dance.

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