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Your Wedding Day: Adding the Wow Factor to Your Exit

Hmmm, what to do with your wedding exit? You’ve planned your entire day, from arising to beauty to catering—all the way to your tuxedos, vows, and wardrobes.

Yes, we know we’ve left out some of the alphabet here, but you won’t omit anything wonderful from your wedding day if you finish it off with a great exit.

Goldbass Wedding Reception Exit

Too many people complain about weddings abruptly ending when the catering people begin collecting detritus from the tables, or when the DJ just stops playing and starts packing up.

Sometimes people find that the bar is no longer serving. Those ways certainly will let your guests know it’s time to leave, but there’s got to be a better way.

How can you add some wow factor to your wedding exit?

Say It

No matter which way you choose to end your wedding reception, it’s a good idea to have someone announce it.

The wedding DJ, emcee, band leader, or even your event coordinator can get on mike and let everybody know that the last hour or half-hour of the reception has begun—“In a half hour we’ll be having our last dance, so think about who you’ll be dancing with” or “This is our last hour, so I’m taking final song requests starting now.”

It’s also a good idea to announce last call at the bar since closing the bar without notice can put frowns on people’s faces.

Sing About It

There are lots of songs that tell people it’s time to go.

Your wedding DJ can suggest some really great ones so that people know it’s time to have one last dance and then get on the road.

You can try Time of My Life, sung by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes—it’s the finale from Dirty Dancing.

Yes, it has been a little over played and for good reason – It’s a great song and a good way to end any fun event.

If that’s a little over the top for you, other favourites include New York, New York by Frank Sinatra or All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie.

Party Time Wedding Exit

We’re Leaving Today New York New York!

A fairly new song at the time of writing this article is…

We Are Young by Fun says it all: “So if by the time the bar closes/ And you feel like falling down/ I’ll carry you home tonight.”

You might want to simply list the song you’ve chosen for the last dance in your wedding program.

That way it can be a song meaningful to you, not necessarily a song about the party ending but something that lets people know it’s time to go.

Others like the idea of re-playing the song used for the bride and groom’s first dance.

This works especially well if there’s a remix available. It gives everybody a chance to get up and get loose to a song that left them oohing and aahing earlier.

Make It a Contest

Throughout the night, have guests answer trivia questions about the two of you.

The wedding DJ will let your guests know that the winner will be announced at the end of the evening. Periodically throughout the evening, the DJ can ask the questions, or you can leave quiz sheets at people’s place settings.

Have your attendants collect the answers and tally them. At the end of the evening, when the DJ announces the winner, it will be time to go home.

Besides having a really great prize for the winner, add something fun and whacky as a booby prize for the person with the most outlandish answer as determined by the bridal couple.

Wedding Exit Farewell Circle

Many families enjoy gathering everybody into a friendship circle at the end of the wedding reception.

All the friends and family members hold hands or stand close and wish one another well.

At some weddings the bride and groom have a last dance in the centre of it all.

With or without that dance, they can then exit grandly through a floral arch, with the guests extending wishes and hugs to one another, and then everybody departs.

Facebook-ing the End

This likewise involves announcing that the end of the reception is at hand: Create a Facebook or Pinterest page for your wedding.

Announce that people should post the photos they’ve taken during the day on this site.

You can even print off some small cards with the Facebook page identified for the technologically inept.

You’ll have not only your photographer’s images of this wonderful day, but also some great candid shots taken of the people you love most.

You can check it out whilst you’re on your honeymoon—and your family and friends will loving seeing comments from you whilst you’re incommunicado.

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Cheers, Adrian

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