Wedding DJ or a Wedding Band?

A Wedding DJ or Band for Your Big Day?

Wedding DJ choices may seem daunting, and many brides begin to get stressed over the choice of music and entertainment for their wedding.

You may decide that a DJ is not suited for your wedding, therefore, a wedding band or singer may be more appropriate. Choosing the right music is essential and can set the whole mood of the day.

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There is a huge array of different musical choices when you are searching for the right band, singer or DJ for your wedding.

You will need to consider several different factors before rushing out to book someone for the day. The style of your wedding, overall theme, guests and venue will all need to be considered.

If you are unsure of who to book for your wedding, you could think about other weddings that you have attended.

You need to put yourself in the place of your guests, and think about what they would enjoy. It is your wedding, and the music choice should be personal to you; however, you will want your guests to have an incredible time.

Deciding on the style of music you want for your wedding and what you want your guests to be doing at the reception can often determine whether, you book a band or wedding DJ. If you want your guest to be up and dancing, a DJ may be better suited. However, if your budget is larger, you may consider having both.

You will also need to discuss with the venue what restrictions they have regarding live entertainment and noise levels. Many venues today have sound limiters, which can be an issue for live bands, which tend to be nosier. However, if the band that you want can play at a lower level, they may be permitted at your wedding.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both a band and wedding DJ; therefore, you need to consider all elements, and make a clear decision. Bands can be more expensive than a DJ and will often play for a shorter amount of time. However, they can be more personal, and play your favorite songs as you want to hear them on your special day.

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  1. With wedding DJ’s, your wedding music selection will not be limited, unlike with a band, they can only play what they already know.

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