Wedding Lighting: Ways to Light Up Your Special Day

What vision do you have for your wedding day reception?

The wedding lighting you choose can mean the difference between whimsical and warm, casual and capricious, or cultured and sophisticated.

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To decide what you want, sit down with your fiancé and decide what mood you want to set.

Lighting not only emphasizes the features of your venue, it also affects the way you, your guests, and everything else looks. Just the right lighting effects can add a glow of glamour to people’s faces. You can do something exciting like have your names in lights (Monogram) or have a pinpoint beam wash over your wedding cake.

Many people like to design a monogram or meaningful symbol to use with lighting at the reception.

The disc jockey will know to order a stencil or gobo made from your design to put over a spotlight. Some DJs recommend that having the stencil made from steel, which can be expensive.

The good news is, new projector technology can produce even better results these days.

Know Your Venue’s Limits

The first aspect of choosing lighting depends on your venue. Indoors, Outdoors, light coloured walls, too many windows?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when looking to light up a venue.

Fortunately in 2015 and beyond, new technology allows for wireless, battery powered, LED, Red/Green/Amber/White colour mixing.

This means you don’t have to rely on messy cabling and there is no restriction on location of lights

Goldbass offers a large range of wireless, battery powered wedding LED lighting for any size venue

This will allow any wall to be lit up and more importantly, the subtle golds, peaches, warm and natural colours can grace your venue. So you can really be extra creative with your venue lighting.

Are you having an afternoon or an evening reception? Are there wall sconces to supplement or take the place of harsher overhead lighting? If all lighting comes from overhead, are there dimmer switches? You won’t want the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting.

Be certain, if you are paying for extra lighting packages, that the coordinator will not keep service doors open that might ruin the effect of your lighting.

The Many Moods of Colours

The way that you utilise lighting affects whether you should choose lights in your wedding colours or choose other colours.

If you do wash lighting, for example, which floods your area with illuminated lighting, you might want to choose something that contrasts with your bridal colours, because if you’ve chosen pale blue for your bridesmaids dresses, you won’t want pale blue lights washing over them during the evening.

The lighting can do much to change the mood.

Even if your DJ sets out with a soft candle-like glow, if things are moving too slowly he might increase the shade to a more passionate orange that will get people moving.

Wedding Reception Uplighting

The use of stark colours such as red can emphasize drama and passion.

This works especially well with a technique called uplighting, which creates columns of light and colour travelling up the walls of your reception venue at given intervals, and it works very well to repeat the same colours as  your gowns, flowers, and so forth. Goldbass offers uplighting packages.

Other Ways to Use Lights

Some couples like the look of Italian lighting, or strings of light with decorative bulbs that provide a touch of old-world charm to the room.

Another popular look is the use of small twinkling lights wrapped in gauze-type fabrics draped across ceilings, archways, doors, and walls.

Just make sure the location of these “Fairy Lights” won’t cause any safety issues. Kids will love to yank on them and experiment.

Outdoor Fairy Lights

In contrast with those soft ideas, the DJ can direct wide and narrow beams of light throughout your event, using mixed and matching diodes that create an interplay of light on your walls and floor.

How about dancing under the stars?

Your DJ might be able to project a wash of blue light dotted by stars onto the ceiling.

Just as your music changes throughout the course of the evening—easy listening as people arrive and mingle, something soft while they dine, and then more energetic dance music after dinner—you can also adjust your lighting.

Early on you might want something that provides enough light so that arriving guests can go through the reception line, read their escort cards, sign the guest book, and find their places.

As they begin the meal your disc jockey can dim the lights a bit. Later on, more colorful laser lighting will heighten the mood throughout as people get up and celebrate.

Ask if your DJ can offer texture to the lighting—sometimes they can create an undulation in the lighting that, with blue for instance, would look like ocean waves or clouds.

The important thing is to sit down with your lighting expert and discuss just the right way to use colour and light to create the ambiance you want—to make this best reception possible on the most exciting, most important day of your life!

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