Wedding Reception Colours

There’s nothing written in stone about what colours you must choose!

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Coral Coloured Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Years ago, brides wore bright colours executed in rich fabric because the family wanted to display its wealth and position.

White was a colour that signified mourning.

It was not until Queen Victoria chose a white gown to coordinate with a piece of lace she wanted to wear that white gowns became fashionable. And she had a very sexy wedding night!

Coordinating colour themes, then, relies mostly upon your taste for use of colour. Many brides like to pick two colours that they enjoy together and use them almost exclusively.

Other brides go with just one colour, although they may allow it to appear in lighter or darker shades throughout the reception venue. Many people believe that sticking with one shade of one colour is a way to impart elegance to the atmosphere in the reception room.

Consider how you’re using colours in your wedding.

Some people know their colour palette in advance because they are choosing to follow a family cultural tradition, incorporating native wedding apparel.

Other couples plan a destination wedding or a specific wedding theme that dictates their colour choices.

Yet others simply decide to carry through the colours for the bridal party’s gowns, flowers and coloured uplighting at the reception.

Blue Wedding Cake

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When Your Wedding Attire is Colourful

If you’re celebrating your family culture as part of your big day by utilising ethnic formal wedding dress for example, traditional wedding costumes for the bride and groom may already be dictated.

Some countries, such as India, Ukraine, and China, show rich shades of red, blue, and gold, to name a few.

Some people like to coordinate décor at the reception with the dominant colours of the bride and groom’s clothing. But why not try to minimise colour at the reception? Wedding attire should not have to compete with background décor for attention. Limit your colours chosen to one colour that accentuates the wedding costumes.

You can even layer table cloths, napkins, and chargers in varying shades of the same colour. Some couples simply choose white as a backdrop.

Whether you decide on pale background colours or simple white at the reception, you can enhance the atmosphere with special lighting. Your venue coordinator may offer a lighting package, and your disc jockey almost certainly will have a lighting package available. Coloured lights playing over pale shades or white décor will emphasise the beauty of the bridal couple’s clothing.

Destination or Theme Wedding

Are you interested in saying your vows—and dancing the rest of the night away—at a beach resort?

Obvious choices for a beach destination wedding include shades of blue and taupe reminiscent of the nearby water and sand. A woodland wedding would include hues to complement the flora and fauna of the area.

Many couples choose a theme such as a casino, gothic or medieval setting.

Giving your guests the feeling that they have stepped into Monte Carlo involves extensive use of black and red. Not many brides opt for a Halloween or gothic ambience, but those who do incorporate lots of black. A renaissance or medieval theme might use gentle jewel tones like violet, fuchsia, and teal.

Just Going With Your Favourites

If you are among the many brides who want to pick two colours and carry them all the way through to the reception, ask yourself if you want to choose a shade because it has special significance.

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•    White: Purity, cleanliness
•    Pink: romance and beauty
•    Red: vitality and boldness
•    Orange: Perseverance
•    Yellow: Energy and joy
•    Green: Nature, fertility
•    Blue: Peace, spirituality
•    Purple: Majesty, secretiveness
•    Black: Death, stability
•    Gray: Maturity
•    Brown: Earth, conservative

Don’t feel obligated to stick to a colour because of its supposed meaning, however. Most people at your wedding reception will not try to analyse your choices; they’ll just enjoy them.

Keep in mind that you have alternatives to choosing two commonly paired colours, such as green and yellow for example.

Look at a colour wheel and consider matching up your favourite shade with its opposite on the colour wheel. Blue and orange make a bold, beautiful statement, as does the combination of teal and coral.

You can also have everything white at your reception, and rely on your venue or disc jockey to provide colour via special light effects, as described previously.

Hillarys Yacht Club Wedding-lighting

Wedding Reception Uplighting

With a white backdrop, the colours playing on the tables and walls can change throughout the night while at the same time you maintain an overall look of crisp elegance.

The choices are endless!

A couple of websites full of colour ideas are Style Me Pretty and Polka Dot Bride – check them out!

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