Wedding Reception Special Effects to Add Atmosphere

You want to put your own special signature on your event to signify your uniqueness as a couple.

But sometimes it’s difficult to come up with original effects to do that! Below are some ideas you can incorporate into your own wedding.

I have seen or heard each of these ideas being used at a wedding, at some point, with great success.

Reception Special Effects


Bubbles look awesome!  You can rent a bubble machine, but make certain they’re not restricted by your venue regulations.  Some places prohibit them because they don’t want the soap on their floor surfaces. Plus, it’s true that they can make your dance floor slippery.  However, they are especially great for outdoor weddings.


Use of sparklers is another special effect appropriate for the outdoors.  Lots of people use them during the bride and groom’s grand exit.


Hire a professional company to perform pyrotechnics. They can add a spectacular feel to your reception, especially if timed right during your farewells.


One of the less expensive special effects, appropriate for indoor use, and easily overlooked are lighting effects.

Purple and Pink Wedding Uplighting

Professional sound and lighting companies can be hired separately to up-light your decorations, or shine your unique monogram on the dance floor.

And one of the most easily obtained sources of special effects lighting is your DJ. 

Goldbass now provides a wedding uplighting service.

Many professionals will bring this type of equipment to your reception if you ask, and the DJ is likely to charge less for this than any of the other stated sources.

Avoid fluorescent lights if you are setting up a marquee as they are awful for lighting.

Black lights are also unpopular wedding reception choices because people don’t want to have their teeth gleaming when they’ve gotten all dressed up.

The best type is dimmable “warm” lighting.  Laser effects are nice if not overused and avoid the the lasers with lots of dots as they look horrible in photos.

Some of the cheaper laser & LED lighting effects can make the bride’s dress light up like a Christmas tree!

Table Centrepiece LED effects

Novel but elegant touches to your tables can add a twenty-first century feel to your wedding.  Many people love the colour-changing “LED Magic Eggs” that are replacing candles.

Even Lava lamps can be effective for your guests’ amusement.  Look on eBay for the best prices on these novelties or have a chat with your wedding planner.

Fog / Smoke Machines

Fog machines are great only after the first dance and can emphasize the DJ’s disco lighting.

It may cause problems for guests with asthma if used too much and can also make photos hazy – that’s why it’s good to wait till after the first dance.

Misters provide a softer, more limited effect.  Many of them change colours as they create mist, and you can place these strategically around the room to accent your floral arrangements or the sweetheart table.

Low lying fog is a great for a cloudy floor effect although it can be hard to set up.  There needs to be no wind (and no air conditioning) of any type.

They won’t work during colder months either when heated air pours in through vents.

And you cannot use them successfully outdoors because you have no control over the wind.  Basically a special fog machine is used where ICE is added that cools the fog so it stays on the floor.

It eventually warms up and floats into the normal room air.

Goldbass offers a range of these special effects, check out our sound & lighting options.

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