Wedding Reception Traditions

The music played at the wedding ceremony and also at the reception creates the mood as you move from event to event throughout the day.

Wedding reception traditions can accompany a special song selection and these specific songs will play an integral role in creating an enjoyable atmosphere.

Each song carries its own notes of unique emotion and memory for every person in the room and each song serves its own role in establishing the mood of the room as a whole.

Wedding guests creating an arch that the bride and groom walk through

Certain songs are beloved by people universally. Some songs only sing to certain people, whilst yet other numbers cast a nostalgic mood. Music has the power to rock the room with revelry or sway it softly with romance.

Music Creates Atmosphere

The songs that are chosen during the reception reflect your own style of musical tastes and set the type of atmosphere you want to create. But do keep in mind your guests may not have the same music tastes as you. We’ll talk later about key points for mixing up your musical choices.

You want to choose the right song selections for different parts of the reception. Sometimes you want music that will have your guests alternately relaxed or attentive during the formalities, or partying when it’s time to get their groove on.

What if one of you is crazy about an extreme musical style? Your reception is not the time to indulge your tastes for just one style that you favour. You’ve got to play songs of all types. Your wedding guests come from a mixture of family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers.

They range in age from children to the elderly. Even though the wedding is your day to shine, that doesn’t mean everyone should be subjected to hours of rap or country music or a techno beat.

You owe it to your guests, who have traveled to your venue to witness your vows and celebrate your happiness, to create an entertainment atmosphere that’s pleasing to a majority of the crowd.

Bouquet Throw

The Bouquet Throw Reception Tradition

Throughout the reception the bride and groom go through a series of common wedding reception traditions. Each of them provides you with an opportunity to choose accompanying music. Each choice will evoke a mood in the room for your guests. I have some great ideas for you in a comprehensive list of Wedding Songs available in the separate “Top Wedding Songs” list.

Before we look at these various traditions, I’d like to suggest that you get a paper and pencil and begin to jot down ideas for songs. The two of you can make two separate lists and combine them or just work on one list together. Sit down one evening and browse your CD collection or iTunes collection to start with.

For specific traditions you might ask for input from parents or your honour attendants.

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