Wedding First Dance

Your Wedding Day: How to Make Your First Dance Amazing!

As the day of your wedding draws nearer, it’s time to finalise details such as how you plan to present yourselves at the reception.

After all, the ceremony celebrates the union of your love, but the reception means it’s time to party! Your first dance puts the two of you together on the dance floor as Mr. and Mrs. for the very first time, and there are a couple ways to make certain that it’s amazing.

Wedding First Dance

First, you’ve got to settle upon an itinerary or schedule for your reception activities. At many weddings the bride and groom take a few moments with their attendants to freshen up out of sight as the guests arrive.

Once a majority of guests has taken their places, the wedding DJ or master of ceremonies introduces the members of the wedding party and ultimately the bridal couple—and in they come with a flourish! Once you’ve entered, the two of you can immediately segue into your first-dance song—taking the centre of the dance floor and losing yourselves in each other’s eyes and in music that speaks to the love you are celebrating.

Other couples go to the reception venue prior to the announced time for the reception, and the bridal party has their meal before the guests arrive. Then the bridal couple and parents form a receiving line to greet the guests, and they circulate among the guests as they are seated for dinner. Usually in this format, the first dance is done around the conclusion of the meal.

However, there is no way that’s written in stone, and you can plan your first dance any way you like. Even if you choose to greet your guests as they walk in, you can still leave the reception hall and re-enter with a grand announcement by your wedding DJ and a fanfare of music—a song that lets you display the style that fits you as a couple. This is also know as the Bridal Party Introduction and there are some great song ideas for the bridal party entrance here.

You can talk with your wedding DJ ahead of time about the way he’ll introduce you. You might want him to say something like, “Ladies and Gentlemen, as is traditional, the bride and groom will now take the floor for the first time, dancing to [whatever song you’ve chosen].”

Another type of introduction gives your guests some explanation of why you’ve chosen your special song for this very special dance:  “The first song has very special meaning for Mr. and Mrs. Smith tonight because on their very first date they danced to this song.”

At the end of their first dance, many couples head for their opposite-sex parents—the bride for her father and the groom for his mother.

The DJ will then announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, you are welcome to join the bride and groom on the dance floor.”

It’s a lovely way to break the ice and get as many of your guests as possible involved in the dancing.

Couple having their first dance on dance floor with white light shining on them

Couple having their bridal waltz

While it’s true that most first dances are done ballroom style, there’s no reason why you can’t choose a line dance. The DJ can announce the two of you, “dancing together for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” and once you’ve grapevined back and forth a few times he can urge the guests to join in the fun. This works especially well when either the bride or groom really doesn’t want to be the focus on the dance floor for any extended period of time. Also, once again, it gets others up on the feet and moving to the music.

The kind of music you choose for your first dance is entirely up to you. The two of you will want to listen to MP3 download samples to find just the right song and covered by the artist who brings real meaning to the words for you.

Be certain you communicate with your wedding DJ ahead of time so that he knows not just the song you want but the artist. Just take a minute to listen to I Will Always Love You—it sounds one way when Whitney Houston belts it out, and quite another when Vince Gill renders it (Even though it isn’t really a breakup song, just a “parting song” you can read 12 interesting facts about I Will Always Love You Here.)

There is no right or wrong music: Some people like a soft, romantic ballad, like Frank Sinatra’s classic, The Way You Look Tonight.  If you like country music, you might choose the classic waltz Could I Have This Dance for the Rest of My Life by Anne Murray.

You can even adapt Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance the way St. Andrew’s University Choir performed it for the royal couple—while the title might not sound like a proper wedding song, there’s nothing bad about telling the world how much you want each others love!

The point is, there are hundreds (millions) of songs out there, and it’s a good idea to talk with your wedding music expert—the DJ—for help in narrowing down your choices.

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