Wedding Ceremony Sound

Crisp & reliable wedding ceremony sound is important to deliver your walking down the aisle (processional) music, signing / ceremony music and exit (recessional) music.

Just as important is having someone to play your special songs at the right time and volume. We can provide wedding ceremony sound services to compliment our reception DJ entertainment.

Entrance Point Wedding CeremonyEntrance Point Wedding Ceremony – Broome

Cable Beach Ceremony SoundCable Beach Ampitheatre Wedding Ceremony

Included is a carefully selected playlist of prelude songs (As your guests are arriving at the ceremony) and interlude songs (Time between the ceremony & reception).

And of course you can supply your own prelude & interlude playlist.

UWA Wedding CeremonyUWA Tropical Grove Garden Wedding Ceremony

Aravina Estate Wedding Ceremony Aravina  Estate – Margaret River Wedding Ceremony

Cable Beach Wedding Ceremony

Cable Beach Wedding Ceremony

What’s Included

  • Totally Portable PA System & DJ Setup
  • 1 x UHF Wireless Microphone for speeches & celebrant if required
  • Full Delivery, Setup & Tear down of equipment
  • Setup in the right location so it’s out of the way of photos & video yet still provides clear sound.
  • Operation of Music – Includes a professional DJ to perfectly time your Walking down the Aisle, Ceremony Signing and Recessional songs.
  • Up to 30 minutes of background Music before the ceremony
  • Up to 30 minutes of background Music after the ceremony

Helps to Avoid

  • Stressing about things not working.
  • Relying on a family member, wedding guest or the celebrant to press play at the right time.
  • Technical Gl-Glitches (Like incoming calls, batteries going flat & MIC interference from mobile phones!)
  • Worrying about setting up or packing down the equipment
  • Sound equipment that isn’t loud enough.

Please get in contact to check availability & receive a custom quote…

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Flutes Restaurant Margaret River Wedding CeremonyFlutes Restaurant Margaret River Wedding Ceremony

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