Pricing & FAQs

Below are some common frequently asked questions and feel free to send a message you need any further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Can we choose our favourite music for our event?”

Yes and you will receive the “client login” details after booking so you can start to choose your music online.

I recommend you choose a few Must Play, Play if You Can & Do Not Play songs.

This will give me a good idea of your style of music. You can also choose very little / no music and I am happy to work with “the vibe” of the crowd on the day.

Goldbass Records DJ Entertainment

“What type of music do you play at events?”

The music played at your event will be a mix of what you choose, guest requests and my own DJ experience.

It really is different for each event and I tailor the playlist to suit.

There is so much great music available and I have in-depth knowledge of…

  • Popular 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s & 2020’s contemporary music
  • The Latest JJJ & Alternative trends
  • The Latest Top 40 trends
  • The Latest Beatport & Shazam trends
  • Club Sets (Dance, Trance, RnB & Urban)
  • Specific Genres – Australian Rock, Motown, Country (Only a lil bit), Reggae, etc

If it’s a large generation mix of guests like at a wedding, music that covers all genres works well.

I enjoy playing wide range of music genres for the dance floor and beat mix most songs to keep a smooth flow on the dance floor!

Bride and Guests Dancing

“Can guests request songs at my event?”

Yes of course and I filter out the songs that won’t work for your style of event.

You can also choose not let your guests make requests.

“What is your pricing?

As every wedding is different, I always create a custom quote specifically for your requirements.

Some of the details I need to know is the level of DJ services you require, if you require MC duties, venue location, day of week, amount of DJ time needed and equipment required to cater for your number of guests.

 “Who will be the DJ for our event?”

When you hire Goldbass DJ Entertainment, Adrian Mak will be your DJ and will bring 1000’s of hours of DJ experience to your event.

Performing at hundreds of weddings, high profile corporate events and hundreds of nights in different clubs – it’s my mission to fill your dance floor and keep it full 🙂

“How do I know if Goldbass DJ Entertainment is the right DJ for our event?”

If you are at any stage of hiring a DJ for your event, the most important thing you should know is Every DJ is Different.

Every individual DJ (regardless of what company they work for) will deliver a different level of service, style of music, overall experience and atmosphere at your event.

The personality, attitude & mood of your DJ will shine through with the music at your event.

Which can be a good thing (or a bad thing) for you & your guests as the music will play a part in how your guests feel.

The best way to find your DJ is through word of mouth – getting that recommendation from a reliable friend who has seen the DJ in action.

If you haven’t seen Goldbass in action, check out our testimonials

Just remember, all entertainers offer a experience and that experience is directly proportional to the success of your event.

“What equipment do you use?”

Only the latest, top of the range, professional DJ sound & lighting equipment will be set up at your event.

The set up will blend in with your venue and never overpower the room, yet still provide great sound and amazing lighting for dinner, the formalities & dancing.

I have never used budget equipment at any event. (In fact I spend too much on equipment – but that’s great for you!)

JBL Speakers & Subs, Technics turntables / Pioneer DJ players and the latest moving head lighting effects is a part of what I take to every event.

I take pride in nicely hidden cables, sleek table skirts and subtle sound / light trussing also.

“Can you provide DJ services for outdoors also?”

Yes. However a alternative indoors / undercover backup venue plan is required in case of rain, wind or extreme weather.

Outdoors Wedding - Goldbass

“What happens if your equipment fails on-site during our event?”

A full backup system is on standby for every event. Even if the venue power fails, I have a totally portable system on standby to keep your special event rolling on.

Goldbass Dance floor

“What special requirements do you need to set up?”

I require a flat, steady floor (approx. 4 x 2 metres)  against a wall or in a corner with a couple of available standard 240 Volt power outlets close by.

I recommend the dance floor be a wooden (preferred), hard, flat surface for dancing and the DJ set up be close to the dance floor.

Goldbass Wedding Slow Dancing

Dance floor location is important also and you can’t go wrong with it being central in the venue.

Tucked away in another room and separate from the party is not recommended.

“Do you have full public liability insurance?”

Yes. My performance & equipment includes a public liability insurance policy which covers up to $20,000,000.

This is unrelated to your venue insurance and it’s essential that any entertainment you hire has their own public liability insurance.

“Where can you provide DJ Services?”

I can provide my full range of DJ services to any location in Western Australia!

Sandalford Winery

I am based in Broome, Margaret River and Perth depending on the time of year.

As Goldbass Records is a full time business I offer a focused, reliable & professional DJ service for your event any day of the year (If I’m not already booked)

I also only focus on 1 event on any day so you get the very best of my services.

“What payment methods do you accept?”

You can pay with Cash, Direct Deposit or via Square (2% Surcharge Applies)

“How do I make a Booking?”

If Goldbass DJ Entertainment sounds right for your event, the next step is to get in contact and I’m happy to discuss the booking procedure.

“How soon should we book you before our event?”

I generally have bookings up to 12 months in advance on selected dates so make sure you book early to secure your booking.

Unfortunately I do not hold dates unless a booking contract has been returned & deposit paid (30% of total).

Wishing you easy planning and a great celebration!

Goldbass DJ Entertainment