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Welcome to the Goldbass online music selector. When it comes to the music at your event, you can choose your favourite songs to be mixed into the play list using our online tool or feel free to email a list through.

Choose Your Music

Our online tool is an easy way to listen to songs, check out lyrics and build your music list leading up to your celebration!

How to Build Your Music List

  1. Simply Add your songs with the + button
  2. Add a note to song if required
  3. Save the list & return to it any time
  4. Submit to Goldbass when complete – (No later than 7 days before your event)

Please note the Top 200 list is an ideas list of what has been popular at US, UK & Australian events / weddings over the past few years and is in no way a reflection of what will be played at your event.

If a song is not listed, don’t worry we’ll source that song for you and feel free to add it to the “Custom Song” list.

You can also choose no music and leave it completely up to the DJ – it’s up to you! We’re very flexible.

The process of choosing songs for your event is good fun.

Put some old records on, play some of your favourite iTunes or Spotify play lists and Shazam the songs you can’t quite recall the name of.

Whatever way you get some song ideas through to us, whether it be via our online tool, a word document or email we’ll get them into your playlist!

Choose Your Songs Here (Weddings)

For corporate & private events, the music selector tool details will be provided after booking.

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