Bride Bouquet Toss and Giveaway

As the reception moves well into its second half, the single ladies gather around for the bride to toss her bouquet.

This is an old tradition dating back to the times when baths were rare, and flowers served to keep the bride smelling sweet.

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Fortunately, those days have passed! But it’s still a lot of fun, and it doesn’t matter whether the ladies are single, separated, widowed, or divorced.

But whoever catches the bouquet is the next in line to get married.

Bride Bouquet Giveaway

Some couples have a lot of friends who are happy living with their mate and feel awkward when they’re teased about marriage.

For this reason, they skip the bouquet toss.  Instead, they organize a giveaway, played as a game of some sort in which the winner receives the bouquet.

Probably the most popular game is a trivia contest. The two of you (bride & groom) write out questions about yourselves ahead of time. Your DJ or MC reads aloud the questions, and whoever scores the highest wins the bouquet.

If you do, however, hold the bouquet toss-it’s still preferred over games-the songs that work best include something that references the word girl or woman in the title, or any song that’s a favourite among the females.

There are some good bouquet toss songs over on the Secret Wedding Songs website.

Sometimes the bridesmaids get together to decide on a song.

And if all else fails, any song that gives the bride a chance to do a little dance before tossing the bouquet will also work quite well!

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