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Farewell Music for Circle

When it’s time for the bride and groom to say their farewells, they’ll need to choose two or three of their favourite songs for this wonderful tradition “The Farewell Circle”.

It’s a way for the guests to say goodbye to one another, and it also lets the bridal couple say their thanks to every guest who has attended.

Generally these are slower songs that cool people off, and they are played whilst the bride and groom bid farewell to their guests via a circle or a bridal archway made by the guests.

Options for the Newlywed’s Farewell

The bridal archway can be a quick and upbeat exit.

The guests create two lines facing one another, and form an arch by stretching out their arms.

Goldbass wedding reception exit farewell

The farewell circle is just that, a circle with guests crossing their arms in front of themselves and shaking hands with their neighbours.

Whatever songs and genres you choose for your wedding reception, make sure they reflect your own style and at the same time are appropriate for all guests.

You’ll find slow farewell songs & upbeat farewell song ideas at Secret Wedding Songs.

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