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Song Ideas for Speech Introductions at Weddings

Perhaps you’ve noticed whenever you’ve attended a wedding or other formal event:

When someone moves to the microphone to give a speech, there is a moment of dead air that occurs whilst everyone waits.


Speech Introduction Ideas

Because speeches are a lovely part of wedding receptions, you can enhance them by having the DJ primed to play a small snippet of music that matches each speechmaker’s personality.

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These speech introduction songs will fill that “dead air” and also add a little pre-speech entertainment.

Usually, fun and upbeat song choices work well.


Popular speech song choices include TV themes, sporting theme music and even movie themed songs.

Songs that are not too tacky or that will not offend your guests / person making the speech is a good route to consider also.

When you book Goldbass DJ Entertainment for your wedding celebration, we’ll give you a big list of Speech Introduction song ideas!

For a few tips on writing speeches, check out this article on Wiki How

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