Tips for Choosing Good Wedding Songs

You’ve spent hours considering various options, and now it’s time to pick some good wedding dance songs for your reception.

Four-fifths of people who had recently attended a wedding reception stated in a poll that the music stood out for them more than any other detail of the wedding.

It’s not difficult to create the perfect musical ambiance! First, think about the portions of your wedding that require music.

And then choose the music to pass on to your DJ that reflects your style and personalities.

The ceremony itself poses its own set of decisions. Of course there will be a bridal march. But have you also thought about background music to play while the guests arrive?

This is often called the prelude. And some brides choose one piece of music when the bridesmaids begin their walk, then switch to another selection for the actual bridal presentation.

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At the reception, there are several events for which you want top wedding dance songs.

When the two of you make your grand entrance, it’s customary to play a suitable song one that celebrates your love, or maybe the song that became “your song”. Usually this song is something upbeat and fun.

During appetizers or dinner many couples prefer to play something soft in the background. You might choose a suite of songs by your favorite artist or composer; for example, instrumental pop music, or Chopin intermezzos. This is a time when the wedding party and various groups of guests will want to renew acquaintances. Relatives who haven’t seen one another in some time will catch up on family news.

After Dinner, Let the Serious Music Begin!

The two of you initiate the festivities when you share your bridal dance. You can choose something passionate and soulful, or maybe you’d like something with some bounce and swing. Some couples take waltz lessons prior to the wedding; others already feel comfortable dancing together.

If the two of you aren’t avid dancers, then just pick a song you like and step back and forth while it plays your guests will love it anyway. You can also look for pointers on dancing by searching YouTube and self-help places on the internet.

Next, the bride/father dance and the groom/mother dance are hugely popular traditions. These dances celebrate the parents who made you what you are today. Most often they are emotional songs that bring out the tissues.

If one or both of you has multiple parents because of remarriages, it’s entirely appropriate to spend some dance time with each one. These are the days of anything goes! Just do what your heart tells you. After these dances, your disc jockey typically introduces your parents and members of the wedding party as they dance with one another.

Throughout the remainder of the evening, you can opt for a variety of occasions that require special songs. How about the tossing of the bouquet? You will also want something sexy and catchy when the garter is removed from the bride and then tossed.

Cutting the cake is another opportunity for photos and fun, with something great chosen to play in the background. And when it’s time for the reception to wind down, choose some numbers to slow people down, or even have a farewell circle.

There are so many top wedding dance songs to choose from! Most bridal couples decide on musical selections that will not offend their wide variety of guests (for example, many rap or heavy metal songs have explicit lyrics). The reception is a time when you want to join with the friends and family who are honoring you by attending.

Recommended Wedding Song Sites

It’s fun to search the internet for your favorite selections by visiting YouTube or sites like Secret Wedding Songs

You can also listen to clips of songs you’ve heard of before to refresh your memory about them.

You’re about to have the time of your life and you want your guests to enjoy being a part of it!

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