Top 1940s Party Songs

Parties are always a blast, but the sure way to make your party even more of a hit is to give it a theme. One theme that seems to be popular is the 1940s. This iconic ear was filled with amazing music and any party would be exciting with the sounds of 1940s party songs.


Imagine throwing a party where everyone is happy, dancing and having the time of their life. Your guests would be cutting a rug all night long. The jitterbug is sure to show up a few times on the dance floor. Then there are those patriotic wartime songs that seem fitting even today that will get everyone feeling nostalgic.

5 of the Most Popular Songs from the 40s

Elmer’s Tune – Glenn Miller
1941 | Youtube

In the Mood – Glenn Miller
1940 | Youtube

Mule Train – Frankie Laine
1949 | Youtube

Rum & Coca Cola – The Andrew Sisters
1946 | Youtube

Swinging on a Star – Bing Crosby
1944 | Youtube

1940s Music on Wiki from Each Year




Types of 1940s Party Songs

The music of the 1940s was upbeat and patriotic. Dancing was huge in the 40s, so any song you could dance to was popular. The major genres of music in the 40s included big band, swing, jazz and patriotic.

In the 1940s a lot happened in many countries around the world. There was war, economic turmoil and, of course, amazing music that still has influences today. The music of the era was classy yet fun. It was symbolic and influential.

1940s party songs can be put together to make a playlist for a party that is sure to be something all your friends will be talking about for years to come. The music of the 1940s is some of the best of all times, so finding good songs will not be a hassle.

Putting Together an Amazing Playlist


At the height of the big band ear, the perfect 1940s playlist would have to have plenty of big band sound.

You can choose any of the top hits from that era.

Your guests cannot dance all night, though. Break up the up tempo music with slower songs that will bring people out on the floor with their best guy or gal.

Be sure to include famous singers and bands form the 40s like Fred Astaire, Count Basie and His Orchestra, Benny Goodman and Perry Como.

You should also look into the various types of 1940s party songs and not just those in one genre.

When creating your party play list you need to consider all types of music, so consider these types of songs from that era:

Boogie Woogie

This style of music, as the name suggests, encourages people to get moving. The up beat tempo will have everyone on the dance floor.

The Charleston

This is a classic dance and the music will get people moving, kicking their leg and swinging their arms.


A slow style of music, serenades are the perfect break for couples who just want to get a little closer on the dance floor.


Jazz was for everyone in the 1940s. This influential style will have everyone’s attention when you choose some great jazz classics for your playlist.

There are many different popular songs from the 1940s that can be used to create the best party playlist.


You can be sure that when your party gets started, the music will make the evening a success.

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  1. Looking for someone who can help me identify collection of mostly 1940s era instrumental songs (they fill up 2x 90 minute cassette tapes) Unsure if some songs may be from other decades. No idea how to do this at all. Thanks. I’m in the USA btw.

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